Monday, October 20, 2008

Rudy Ray Moore (1937 -2008)

The hits just keep on coming...

The death of Dolemite himself, Rudy Ray Moore, was announced today. His passing comes as a result of complications from diabetes, and is yet another in a long line of shocking celebrity deaths this year. It seems like Heaven is getting more awesome with each passing day. Hopefully, if he sees a ghost, he'll "cut the mutha fucka."

Here are the soundtracks to "Dolemite" and "The Human Tornado."

Click "Soundrack (1975)" to download.


mike belgrove said...

My uncle used to watch all those movies. This guy was in some of the most outrageous fight scenes in movie history. He will live on forever in those films and the music he inspired.

Anonymous said...

rest his "badaaaaaaasssssssss" soul