Friday, August 15, 2008

Laserblast (1978)

Well I just got back from seeing "Laserblast" and man, it didn't always deliver on the "lasers," but you can't argue with the amount of "blasts" in this movie. The simple premise is as follows: morose motherfucker, Billy, is pretty much a live-action bare-chested Charlie Brown who just can't catch a break. His girlfriend's retired grandfather is a war veteran whose just crazy enough to shoot Billy the next time that he sees him.

The local fat and skinny cops are always on Billy's case, and on top of that, douche-bag-to-the-max, Chuck and Eddie Deezen himself are constantly harassing him.

Let me repeat that, Eddie Deezen is constantly harassing him! Hell, Eddie Deezen assists in an attempted rape in this movie!?!

At any rate, our one-man-war-against-shirts, Billy, is so frustrated by all of this that he drives out into the middle of nowhere for little to no reason. Fortunately for him, while in the middle of nowhere, he discovers a giant laser-canon, complete with matching necklace. Once he learns how to point and shoot, it's on!

A lot of people die (including Roddy McDowall) and more importantly, a LOT of shit gets blown up. Billy apparently hates mailboxes, news stands, and "Star Wars." Which reminds, me did I mention that the movie had these stop motion shell-less-turtle-aliens?

The strange thing about this screening was that usually the Terror Thursday crowd will applaud the occasional big explosion, but not a single applause was let out for any of the gas-spewing ragers in this one. Whatever, pretty fun flick.

"Laserblast" screened on 8/14/08 at midnight and was presented by Terror Thursday

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