Saturday, January 28, 2012

Glen and Randa (1971)

This bizarre post-apocalyptic oddity was apparently critically well-received when it was initially released, although you couldn't guess that based on the current IMDB rating, which is in the low 3's. I don't think it was nearly that bad, in fact it's kind of aged well. Perhaps that's mostly due to the entertaining, and unintentional goofy performance of the lead actor, Steve Curry, sporting Sideshow Bob-style hair.

The film was originally rated "X" for the amount of nudity (and imagine some of the situations), and of course, it's seems relativity tame now. The story is pretty simple, Glen and Randa are teenage lovers (and Adam and Eve metaphors) in a future with no hope, they head out into the unknown in search of the Metropolis of D.C. Comics fame. Along the way they meet a horse, Glen violently kills some non-CGI fish, and they meet a old man who aides with the birth of their child.

I enjoyed this, probably won't watch again anytime soon, but if it were to screen somewhere, I'd take in.

Also, one of my favorite tidbits was Glen's insistence on labeling everything he learns about.


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