Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zandalee (1991)

Continuing my exploration of all thing Nic Cage, I finally got around to watching "Zandalee" last night, a film that I once racked up $35 late fee for despite never actually watching it. One third 90's Independent, one third 90's Skin-a-max, and a third New Orleans Southern Gothic, "Zandalee" is definitely a guilty pleasure (emphasis on pleasure). The cast is filled with familiar faces, Judge Reinhold, Marissa Tomei, and Steve Buscemi among others. Buscemi plays a sleazy wise-cracking garbage man/thief. Joe Pantoliano is in drag for most of the movie. Judge Reinhold and Nic Cage both wear ridiculous facial hair and hair styles in the movie. The dialogue is actually pretty good and Cage delivers lines like "“I wanna shake you naked and eat you alive" better than anyone else. And of course, Cage plays most of the movie way over the top.

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