Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Phantom Punch (2008)

So this film, "Phantom Punch," is about the life of boxer Sonny Liston was the second biopic in row for me at the Austin Film Festival along with “Crazy.” The two films finally opened my eyes to an alarming fact; most people live clichéd lives. All of these movies have the same formula: Rise to power, Fall from grace. Why don't they make biopics about truly strange lives? Perhaps a biopic about Andy Milliagan or Timothy Carey? At any rate, Ving Rhames stars as Liston. Apparently he considered this project to be his “baby” and worked on it for over 10 years. Supposedly, back in 1996, Tom Cruise (who co-starred that year with Rhames in “Mission Impossible”) considered producing it. As it ended up, the Meteor Man, Robert Townsend, directed it and he was at this screening for an introduction (a very Zack Carlson one at that). The movie had just as many clichés as “Crazy,” but the story was a little more interesting, although both films have subplots about infidelity and lonely housewives, but this movie had the girl from “Clueless” in it!! Again, this one felt like a made-for-TV production, but it's a decent movie with an inspired performance by Rhames.

My favorite line: “In that ring, I'm a deadly sin.”

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