Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Role Models (2008)

Comic hotshit David Wain has eked out a pretty decent career and amassed a nice following for his work on “The State” and “Stella,” not to mention his film “Wet Hot American Summer,” but he has yet to find box office success. All that's changed now though with “Role Models,” a film that fits nicely alongside the Judd Apatow sect and it pretty much follows the same formula as those films: a man-child is forced to grow up against his will and comedy ensues.

In this case there are two man-children, cynical energy drink promoter, Paul Rudd (who co-wrote this), and his obnoxious co-worker, Sean William Scott. After Rudd loses his girlfriend played by Elizabeth Banks (ot as my gf puts it, the new Rachel McAdams), he finds himself sentenced to community service along with Scott. The two of them have to participate in a mentoring program in which both of them are assigned a problem child. Rudd gets a introverted role-playing nerd named Augie (played by “Superbad'sChristopher Mintz-Plasse), while Scott gets the extroverted foul-mouthed Ronnie (played by Bobb'e J. Thompson). I won't spoil surprise as to who will help who grow up.

Bottom line on this one is that the first two-thirds is okay with enough chuckles to not leave you bored, but there's very few big laughs. The last act of the film though comes together so triumphantly that it pretty much makes the movie worth seeing.

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