Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zero Effect (1998)

Man, this was a totally random AFF screening. I saw this movie at the Gateway in 1998 and I bought it on VHS not too long after. Since then, I have watched it at least 3 times a year, if not more, and shown it to countless friends. Honestly, it's one of my top 20 favorite films of all time. Needless to say, seeing it on the big screen again (for FREE no less) with the director, Jake Kasdan, in person for a Q & A was just what the doctor ordered. First and foremost, I love Bill Pullman's incredibly odd and affective turn as Daryl Zero, the World's Most Private Detective. Ryan O'Neil is great as the complicated and realistic “villian,” Gregory Stark, and Kim Dickens is absolutely perfect as the cool and enigmatic Gloria Sullivan, the only woman to ever crack the exterior of Zero. I love so many aspects of the film, but the one thing that continues to pull back viewing after viewing is the exquisite crafting of the final 15 minutes. As my girlfriend points out regularly, they just don't know how to end movies anymore. I agree, and when one gets it right, it can be the hook that brings you back again and again.

Here is Bill Pullman's rendition of his “song,” “Let's Run Off and Get Married.” It's not quite as good as the scene in the movie, but I still find it amusing.

Let's Run Off and Get Married (mp3) - Bill Pullman as Daryl Zero

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JAL said...

This movie it totally awesome. I took the poster as soon as we got it in.