Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Color of Money (1986)

Watching this the other day for the first time on a double feature with "The Hustler" boded well for this one considering how ready I was for something a little more fast-paced at that point.  I'm as much of a Scorsese fan as anyone else.  This film, like "The Hustler," had it's moments and it fun seeing familiar faces pop-up like Forrest Whitaker and Iggy Pop.  Newman is very good in it, particularly in the 3rd act.  Cruise on the other hand just doesn't gel with Scorsese in my opinion, maybe it's the hair which is out of control.

Overall, I kind of felt the same about "The Color of Money" as I did the "The Hustler," solid, but nothing I'd watch again anytime soon.  In the realm of Scorsese, it felt particularly disappointing. 

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