Sunday, June 10, 2012

Overnight (2003)

Not a fan of "Boondock Saints" at all, so this documentary didn't tarnish my opinion of that movie, but it didn't help my opinion of industry-folk.  Obviously Troy Duffy is, at least presenting as, a huge douche in this movie, but I'm willing to believe that although it's probably a biased portrayal of him, it's probably still a fairly accurate one.  I guess I'm willing to believe in his douchey-ness due to his incredibly douchey debut feature.  Either way, what bothered me the most about this movie was the terrible judgement of the industry-folk in this movie. 

Regardless of whether or not Miramax was ever serious about making "Boondock Saints," they certainly indulged Duffy and his cronies.  So too did the record label who was trying to cash-in on the possible success of an unmade film with media buzz.  I guess my question is, what does this sort of lack-of-judgement and wiliness to pay-out for a cliched half-baked vigilante fantasy, say about the state of the movie industry? 

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