Thursday, June 21, 2012

Richard Lynch (1936-2012)

The life of character actor Richard Lynch has always interested me.  Classical trained at The Actors Studio, young Richard Lynch allegedly tripping on Acid, set his head on fire, resulting in numerous facial scars.  Where some might think this would have ended his career, it actually resulted in a new career as a reptilian villain in numerous films such as "Invasion USA," "The Sword & The Sorcerer," "Bad Dreams," "God Told Me To," and many more, including the underrated "The Baron."  He always brought a sense of class to the movies he was in, even if they didn't always warrant it.

RIP Richard Lynch


Anonymous said...

A very cool actor on screen. I was surprised this past summer to learn of his passing. I enjoyed him in a role as a vampire years ago. I have yet to see him in the recent Rob Zombie directed movie he had been cast in.

Anonymous said...

Now reading an update on the actor. Seems he was replaced in the role he was set to play in for Rob Zombie. Sorry.