Monday, February 6, 2012

Haywire (2012)

Well first of all, from this point forward I am going to make a conscious effort to avoid IMDB message boards. I'd like to attribute this decision to Steven Soderbergh's "Haywire." I really enjoyed watching this last night; it was my first visit to the Gaslamp 15. Then this morning I scoped out the message boards to what others thoughts were and there was just so much negative nonsensical trolling going about the believability of the action, the performance of the first-time actress, Gina Carano, and "women-lib" movies that I just had to make this decision, no more.

"Haywire" is basically a spy-gone-rogue action film that Steven Soderbergh puts his stamp on. The narrative structure is mixed up a bit to keep things interesting, the music is jazzy and chilled, and several obligatory scenes are either cut short or eliminated altogether. The colors and tone of the film are reminiscent of the "Bourne" Trilogy, but unlike those films whose close-up shaky-cam style sometimes robbed the audience of clear, fluid action, the action in "Haywire" are all shot in medium to long shots. The fight scenes are particularly good and more than make up for some spotty acting here and there from Channing Tatum and Carano. The rest of the cast was very good, made up of Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, and surprisingly, Bill Paxton.

Soderbergh apparently made the film because of how impressed he was with real-life cage fighter, Carano, I can see that. Overall, I was very impressed with her performance. As my girlfriend pointed out, she's got some work to be done on line deliver, but we both believed her character was real. I want to see more of her; I actually wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to "Haywire," however unlikely that is.


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